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sakurai sho x fukiishi kazue (part 3)(1)(2)

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sakurai sho x fukiishi kazue (part 2)(1)(3)

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sakurai sho x fukiishi kazue (part 1)(2)(3)

sho: it’s been a while hasn’t it fukii?
fukii: the play.. the other day
sho: (whispers) oh yeah
jun: what what what? what is this atmosphere between you two?
fukii: we somehow ended up going to see a play together
jun: what do you mean?

fukii: my seat was the last in the row, and [on my right] there was this really fresh scent.. without even looking i could tell there was someone kira kira sitting next to me
jun: you realized
fukii: that he wasn’t a regular person […] and i kept worrying about what to do with my elbow

sho: at the theatre the seats are really close, right? so i couldn’t fully turn my head to check who it was but when i got the chance..
jun: you checked huh
sho: “isn’t that fukii?”

fukii: during intermission i went backstage and that fresh-smelling person was behind me. i heard him go “fukii! fukii!” and he took off his cap and said “it’s me!”

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sho confesses to maru who confesses to nino. then ohno gets mad (hd, english subs)

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becky: within arashi, the one closest to my type is ohno-san

ohno: seriously?

becky: seriously.

nino: how come?

becky: i want my personal life to be quiet… so the one that i can settle down with most

nino: アレ? what is this щ(ʘ_ʘ)щ

ohno: … shall we go out some time?

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kat-tun interviewed by minhyuk on mnet countdown, in which they show off their korean skillz


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nino and jun calling a fangirl! (english subbed)


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junno introduces a korean food he likes (hotteok/호떡) and proudly converses with snsd in korean